Vallecamonica and Scalve's GAL has joined the cooperation project "Landscape Architectures in European Rural Areas: a new approach to the local development design". The project involves a number of Italian and European partners, namely:

The cooperation project is aimed at strengthening the planning and management capability of involved territories, thus facilitating implementation of joint actions. These actions are expression of local development strategies, in particular of those strategies aimed at promoting agricultural food production and food and wine tasting tours.
The goal of the project is achieved by carrying out measures of valorisationt of the environmental, cultural and food and wine heritage of involved areas.
In the context of the project, Vallecamonica's GAL would like to contribute to identify, develop and promote landscape's green elements as tools for social gatherings and leisure spaces. For example, by publishing tourist maps and books for promotion of the territory and by making road sign for the three LDP routes: the Wine, Chestnut and Green routes.

The project is carried out by a work fulfilled by each GAL, but especially by confrontation between partners on management aspects, on potentialities and difficulties, on activities and exchanges.
On July 2012, partners met in Valle Camonica, in order to get to know one another and plan the stages of work, to lay out a common program of action and to plan visits and confrontations between groups. On May 2013 they had a meeting in Calabria.
On 2013, participants will have further opportunities for exchange in Germany and Scotland. On December, 2013, in Cremona, unless prolonged for further six months, the project should be closed.